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Contract Services

We provide short and long term contracts. Whether it’s a school run to beat the rush hour, shopping on the weekend or just an errand across town; you can always count on our priority contract service.

By booking with us you are always guaranteed to be picked up at your desired destination and time. This service is perfect for frequent travellers and families, giving you an executive experience with our highly efficient drivers. A peace of mind is certainly guaranteed, so you can sit and relax whilst we’re on our way to you. Leave the work to us, we’ll help you get started with your priority account today.

Audi Q7, premium hire taxi vehicle

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Many people sign up for a contract service enabling them to travel to and from work more effectively and punctually. A contract service will benefit you in paying for your fare in advance, allowing you more room to think of how you’ll go about with your day.

There are no minimum requirements for a contract, and fares for your journey are charged direct to your account, rather than you having to search through your bag for loose change. This would also save you time in the future and allow your day to run smoothly just how you planned it. Why not call us up today and we’ll help to get your account setup right away.

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Main telephone number: 01782 811 811 OR Secondary telephone number: 01782 788 008

24/7 365 Service