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Your new app

You can now book a taxi with us quicker than ever through our free new, user-friendly app, exclusively designed to suit your lifestyle! With the app you are instantly notified when your booking has gone through so you can be sure that your professional driver is on the way to you. You can even track the location through the app to see exactly where the driver is and how long it'll take to reach you. No more standing outside waiting in the cold not knowing when the taxi will turn up.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded on both app stores. For more information simply scroll down to get started now.

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Get Started

Illustration of the registration page on app

Step 1.

Click button below to go to the download page depending on the type of device you have (Android or iOS)

Once the app is downloaded, register for a free account using the application.

Illustration of booking with app

Step 2.

The application will automatically know where you are if you have location services turned on.

All you have to specify is where you are looking to go and the type of vehicle required.

The application will give you an estimate price and an estimate waiting time.

Illustration of booking confirmation on app

Step 3.

When you are ready to book the taxi; simply click the place booking button.

You will be alerted as soon as the taxi is on the way and you will now be able to track the location of the taxi on you're application.

Don't worry, you will also be notified as soon as the taxi has arrived, keeping you always up to date with the process.

Call now on 01782

Main telephone number: 01782 811 811 OR Secondary telephone number: 01782 788 008

24/7 365 Service